I was thinking about you. Of long walks to the top of the world. Seductive sips of coffee. Of visits to the harbor. Splintering chopsticks, And eating sushi Running through L.A To the Japanese garden Skipping lines. The Broad Flying in Santa Monica At the speed of a Ferris Wheel Intertwined Like jellyfish In... Continue Reading →

When We Were Young

I’ve seen the hazy smoke gather above the pilgrims. Smoke created by the communion shared between the people. Green communion named Pineapple Express, Super Lemon Haze, and Panama Gold.

Sweet like Strawberries

10 years old Lupe lifted up her long blue skirt a little so she could wade across the water. She lifted to her shins, she waded, lifted to her knees, she waded, lifted to her thighs, and she waded until she did the same in reverse. She trespassed into the strawberry field. They were red,... Continue Reading →

Out the Front Door

Erika opened the white door of her suburban Los Angeles home to find an open suitcase and bags being packed. “Dad?” A tall dark man looked up from a red suitcase he was packing. “Erika? I didn’t know you would be home this weekend.” “Yea school got out early this week so I took the... Continue Reading →

Sports Day, 2012

You splash water on your face in attempt to fully wake yourself up. It's cold. You look at your wall calendar and read the marked X's until it stops on an unmarked square with Sport's Day, 2012 typed on the bottom. You look at the single bullet-point you left there with "BEAT TOMMY WILSON" written in... Continue Reading →

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