Who I Am, and Why I’m Here

Have you ever looked out the window while driving and people watched? Has your gaze ever been caught by a passerby running and thought, “DAMN its one hundred degrees out there. Why are you running?”  Or ever considered what the life of the driver in the car next to you may be like?


Runner II” by Lubomir Simek is licensed under CC by 2.0

    Well here’s the deal, I’m that runner, and that person driving by you in the Honda, and guess what, so are you. I’m that other human being taking up space on this planet. We’re both just matter, thousands of living cells joined together to create one working human being. This blog is for the average and not-so-average Joe. That runner could also be an accountant, who clicks away at numbers on her computer for her day job, but during her off time she clicks away at the road with her feet adding up miles on her Fitbit.

     I say that this blog is also dedicated to the not-so-average Joe because every single living person has a gift. Whether they realize it or not, individuals are capable of becoming great. They can be great at mixing drinks, making music, or even sewing. Heck, sewing takes a lot of skill and patience. My tia sews, and wow, that woman can make anything with those needles. Really, it’s all a matter of perspective as to what being GREAT means, and all it really takes is the choice to become great that makes individuals get started on the path to greatness.

    There is a difference between a person who is simply good at something, and the person who is an expert. One who plays the guitar is just that, a person who plays guitar. However, the guitarist is known for his badassery with the instrument. The guitar has become an extension of himself, a piece of what defines him. Greatness is within both the guitar player and the guitarist. They are just simply at different levels, but both on the same path.


Guitarist” by 慶 雲 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

     For me, I’ve always aspired to be a writer, and that’s why I’m here. I no longer want to be the mediocre writer who scrambles letters together in alphabet soup and hopes that palatable words appear. I’m your average writer who is on the journey to becoming not-so-average. A writer who hopes to create rhetorical magic on paper.

    This blog is a way to express my writing, and my belief that life is always a journey for something better; in other words, an endeavor to live.

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2 thoughts on “Who I Am, and Why I’m Here

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  1. I really enjoyed the putting myself in other’s shoes aspect. I really do think about others in their state of mind and how every single person on that highway with me, has their own personal and unique back story and lifestyle. I hope you continue to write about your interaction with other people as well man!


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