Nonchalance: The Art of Chill

Everyone has that friend that when the world is suddenly thrown into chaos he can just sit there and snack on food as if nothing is going on. And that phrase that Alfred said to Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight may cross your mind, “some men just want to watch the world burn.”

There are times to be serious about life, but here’s the thing . . . no, that person isn’t a soulless corpse. Everyone is susceptible to forces in their environment. In reality, that person has become skilled in what I like to call “the art of chill.” Simply being nonchalant or chilling all the time can give off the impression that one is just careless, but then its not an art. It is more like a bad habit. Having control over the skill brings about a positive alternative. 

I’ve noticed that mastery of the art form comes when a person can be chill about any situation they choose. Entering this state of being brings upon a certain sense of zen, relaxation, or acceptance instead of the opposite feelings of stress, frustration, and anxiety.

Some situations have confronted me that have thrown my world into chaos. I once got a flat tire while going full speed on the freeway, almost crashed, and due to that I missed my final debate for my argumentation class. Another time, I went out with some friends to the movies and when it was time to go I realized that my car was missing; it turns out that it had been stolen. For one, I have really bad luck with cars. On the other hand, these situations could have propelled me into a mode of complete frustration, but I didn’t end up that way because I accepted what was going on and chilled out about it, and these situations aren’t unique to me because they can happen to anyone. There are just some things that can’t be controlled, Murphy’s law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Acceptance of the moment is a big aspect of chillaxation. It’s a way to get through difficult situations, and a way to focus on the “now” rather than being dragged by the past or swimming through the hypotheticals of the future.

There doesn’t even have to be a situation in order to chill, just chill, enjoy the current scene, and take it all in. IMG_1310

Next time you are floating in your thoughts give it a shot. Enter into that realm of chill, and practice the art.




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