Escondido Falls

Have you heard the term, “weekend warrior?” Some of you may know a person who fits this term. A weekend warrior is someone who saves all of their energy for the weekend and then BAM! Once Friday hits, they’re gone somewhere. Mountain biking, kayaking, or a weekend warrior may even be doing something like a triathlon. Well today’s post is dedicated to the weekend warriors out there (or maybe those aspiring to become one). This particular day hike was an outing with two of my friends Ramon and Jason.


I always recommend to take an opportunity to explore your surrounding hiking and wilderness areas. Since home for me now is currently in Westwood, the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu are my areas to explore. Hence, the trip to Escondido Falls. . .

As you can see, the trail isn’t that hard to access. It’s right off Pacific Coast Highway and the beginning of the trailhead is actually asphalt. As with many hikes, its nothing spectacular at a first glance. Really, what does a hike consist of? Dirt, rocks, bugs, plants. . . walking, walking, and walking, but I give this spot a solid two thumbs up. It was great.

The Hike

Starting from the parking lot, you follow the asphalt up the street and you get a nice view of wealthy Malibu estates before reaching a canyon and dirt path that leads all the way to the lower part of the falls.

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Lower Part of the Falls

The waterfall may be dried up depending on the time of the year you decide to go on. I went during the end of summer so the falls were bare bones. The lower falls is a good spot to take a break, and shoot some pics. Some people end their hike at this point because the next part of the hike is intense.

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Upper Falls and Surrounding Area

I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve been on many hikes throughout Southern California and I easily underestimated this hike, and underestimating mother nature is just about the worst thing you can do. Since I thought this hike would be a piece of cake, I didn’t bring the right shoes and I ditched my hiking poles in the trunk of my Honda. But you NEED hiking poles and good shoes for this section of the hike. You need to go up steep slopes to get to the upper part of the falls and these slopes are filled with gravel. Hence, it is really easy to slip and fall down hundreds of feet of  rock, dirt, and brush.  Other than the gravel, you’ll be facing other challenges like large boulders you have to climb, and you have to take trails that are nestled on the mountain ridge. Like I said, don’t underestimate mother nature.

Nonetheless, the payoff for this little excursion is amazing. My friends and I finally made it to the falls and it was dry, yet whether or not the upper falls is dried up its a great sight to see. We made some friends there who we shared our trail mix with. We shared our hiking experience and backgrounds with each other. This is what I like to call #hikingculture.

The upper falls area and surrounding area are an adventurers playground. You can actually climb up the waterfall or go up the surrounding slopes to get even higher up the mountain, which is what we did. The payoffs are amazing views of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. If you have a couple of hours to spare any day of your week (it doesn’t have to be on the weekend) then I recommend this hike. It’s a breath of fresh air to any busy schedule.

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