Sports Day, 2012

You splash water on your face in attempt to fully wake yourself up. It's cold. You look at your wall calendar and read the marked X's until it stops on an unmarked square with Sport's Day, 2012 typed on the bottom. You look at the single bullet-point you left there with "BEAT TOMMY WILSON" written in... Continue Reading →


La Mirada Regional Park

You want to check out La Mirada? Go to La Mirada Regional Park. First go to the pond. You should check out the ducks and the geese. The ducks will run away but the geese will flap their wings, hiss at you, and maybe they’ll charge. You should checkout that fisherman’s bucket and see how... Continue Reading →

Short Talks

On Traveling. People travel everyday. They fly across oceans, mountains, and forests to reach several destinations around the world. There’s a desire in man to journey, but there is also a fear. I personally don’t like to fly; therefore, I don’t travel much. St. Augustine of Hippo once said, “The world is like a book,... Continue Reading →

Nonchalance: The Art of Chill

Everyone has that friend that when the world is suddenly thrown into chaos he can just sit there and snack on food as if nothing is going on. And that phrase that Alfred said to Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight may cross your mind, "some men just want to watch the world burn." There... Continue Reading →

Who I Am, and Why I’m Here

Have you ever looked out the window while driving and people watched? Has your gaze ever been caught by a passerby running and thought, “DAMN its one hundred degrees out there. Why are you running?”  Or ever considered what the life of the driver in the car next to you may be like? "Runner II"... Continue Reading →

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